From ancient Venetian footwear to experiments signed by Fendi, the Villa Foscarini Rossi Museum lands at Mercanteinfiera

From 5 to 13 October at Fiere di Parma a journey into the history of fashion and costume. The Shoes Museum, protagonist of the collateral exhibition “In her Shoes. A walk through the history of footwear”, previews some of the special pieces that will be on display in Parma.

By Samantha De Martin

Four-wheeled masterpieces. The world of car collectors gathers at Mercanteinfiera. Over to Pierre Novikoff

As Parma’s tradition dictates, the first weekend in October means MercanteinAuto. Sparkling chassis, shaped planks, and unforgettable metallic bodywork, caressed by the first autumn leaves, will parade in Mercanteinfiera’s special section.

By Luca Zuccala

Mercanteinfiera and the journey of the Camellia: from its origins to our days

In 1848 Alexandre Dumas wrote one of the most famous classics of French literature, ‘La Dame aux camélias’, known to all as “The Lady of the Camelias.’


By Quello Sbagliato

From flea markets to VIP homes: the long life of vintage fans

These old “toys with blades add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to interior design. At firts they were mere ” air agitators”  needed to bring a bit of old-fashioned coolness to offices,  railway stations, and factories.


By Samantha De Martin

From Ghirri to Fontana. The best of Italian photography at Mercanteinfiera, from the prestigious Bonanni Del Rio collection

BDC: an acronym that encapsulates a precious cultural microcosm, from the macro container (Bonanni Del Rio Catalogue) to the venue that houses it, at 28 Borgo Delle Colonne, Parma. Three initials followed by a progressive number that changes for each project of the collectors-patrons duo Mauro and Lucia Bonanni Del Rio.


By Luca Zuccala