The sea smiles from afar: paintings, engravings, posters and objects around the imaginary of the sea

Collateral exhibition 20th Edition

In partnership with: Paolo Aquilini, Serena Bertolucci, Luca Leoncini, Laura Cattoni and Simone Frangioni

“Il mare sorride da lontano: dipinti, incisioni, manifesti e oggetti intorno all’immaginario del mare”
Which means have artists used to tell us about the sea and how did its myth – made of stories, storms and calm, separations and homecomings – pass down to us? How did it become a holiday destination, changing Italian customs through a social phenomenon that has permanently shaped our way of life?
This journey towards the sea, designed by Paolo Aquilini, Serena Bertolucci, Luca Leoncini, Laura Cattoni and Simone Frangioni of the Royal Palace Museum in Genoa, comprises tourist guides, period fashion, photographs and advertising posters, conveying the story of the seaside as a deeply meaningful place. As it was for Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi (1873-1933), the last member of the Savoy House to live in the main floor of the Royal Palace of Genoa. Best known as a great explorer and navigator, the Duke chose Genoa as his residence because he used to commission boats, which he himself had designed, at the shipyards in Sestri Ponente and Voltri. In virtue of his nautical activity, in 1906 he was made honorary chairman of the Genoa Yachting Club, which dedicated its marina to him.

  • 25 February - 5 March 2017

  • Pavilion 4

In partnership with:
  • Simone Frangioni

  • Laura Cattoni

  • Luca Leoncini

  • Serena Bertolucci

  • Paolo Aquilini

12-19 October 2024 | 10.00 - 19.00
October 18th 2024 | 10:00 - 17:00 BUYERS:
10-11 October 2024 | 8.00 - 19.00

Online Ticket: €12
On site ticket: €15

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