Bonanni Del Rio Collection: the Italian choice

Mostra collaterale 25a Edizione

In partnership with: Mauro del Rio and Lucia Bonanni


Imagine that a couple decides to cultivate its passion for photography to the point of creating a private collection which they display in exhibitions at a cultural centre, a deconsecrated church in the heart of Parma now called BCD28, ideally suited to art and entertainment.

Imagine that the two collectors accept the invitation to participate in a collateral exhibition at Mercanteinfiera, helping to create a really unique and unprecedented opportunity in the city: the exhibition will be a real celebration of some of the most important and significant Italian authors who have made Italian fine-art photography famous around the world.

A synergy on the wings of collecting: a passion that becomes a profession, a personal adventure that opens up an opportunity not only for those making it happen it but also for those who witness it – all this is encapsulated in the exhibition that will take place at Fiere di Parma from 5 to 13 October 2019.

Luigi Ghirri, Olivo Barbieri, Massimo Vitali, Franco Fontana, just to name a few, will feature in this truly unique edition.

  • 5 - 13 October 2019

  • Pavilion 4

In partnership with:
  • Lucia Bonanni

  • Mauro del Rio

12-19 October 2024 | 10.00 - 19.00
October 18th 2024 | 10:00 - 17:00 BUYERS:
10-11 October 2024 | 8.00 - 19.00

Online Ticket: €12
On site ticket: €15

Fiere di Parma
Viale delle Esposizioni, 393A
43126 Parma, Italia