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Mercanteinfiera: full house with buyers and visitors

Mercanteinfiera: full house with buyers and visitors

Sixty thousand visitors and six thousand buyers crowded the latest edition of the event taking place at Fiere di Parma. Live streaming auctions from China were a new addition.

The passion for Made-in-Italy items was confirmed, together with the interest for unusual items and curiosities. Visiting Mercanteinfiera, Enzo Miccio commented: “To things newly made I prefer old or ancient ones, which have history behind them.


(Parma, 13 March 2023) – Sixty thousand visitors and six thousand buyers crowded the latest edition of Mercanteinfiera at Fiere di Parma that ended Sunday, 12 March. An exhibition that saw both the number of visitors and buyers increase with people coming also from Australia, Israel and China.

With its forty thousand square meters and more than one thousand exhibitors, the show offered the audience a journey into art, design and modern antiques by displaying curios, like the smallest record player in the world from the ‘30s, fans from the Eighteenth century and early Nineteenth century, works of art by artists like Hopper, Chagall and Balla. One of the stars of the new second hand trend was old money style, popular especially among the numerous young people visiting Mercanteinfiera. Very popular with the visitors was also the Automotoretrò, the exhibition of historic motoring hosted for the first time at Fiere di Parma during the weekend of 4 and 5 March.

Great interest was also shown by delegations of international buyers coming from countries like Australia, Israel and especially China, that brought to Mercanteinfiera the new livestream commerce with auctions broadcast live by the buyers via smartphones.

We had a large presence of foreign buyers” explained Marisa AddomineSenior Advisor of L’Esperto risponde of Mercanteinfiera, “who bought many made-in-Italy items, works of art such as furniture and Italian silver, and in general all those objects that feature our taste and tradition.”

Modern antiques and design, especially by prestigious signatures, confirmed their trendiness. Furthermore, both Italian and international visitors enjoyed “the pleasure of looking for unusual and different items, fun things or objects of curiosity. At all levels, including vintage apparel where Mercanteinfiera has really had an ice-breaking role, we have found great appreciation”, underlined Addomine.

Curious items that have stories to tell. “Coming to Mercanteinfiera – stated Italy’s most famous wedding planner, stylist and TV presenter and traveller Enzo Miccio, visiting Fiere di Parma during the exhibition – is like travelling while staying in the same place. There are interesting and unusual objects that are worth being explored and understood.  This means going back to their origin.  To things newly made I prefer old or ancient ones, those with history behind them. It is fascinating to imagine who used to sit in that armchair or eat at that table…”.

12-19 October 2024 | 10.00 - 19.00
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