12 – 20 March 2022 | Fiere di Parma

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SIMEST financing solutions

for participation in international fairs in Italy


As part of the interventions relating to the restarting of Italian fairs and related measures in support of SMEs, the publication of the decree that extends the subsidized rate financing also to participation in international fairs taking place in Italy, including Mercanteinfiera, is confirmed.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation – Decree of 11 June 2020 – Extension to the countries of the European Union of the operations of the 394/81 fund. (20A04004) – GU General Series n. 188 of 28-07-2020.

Participation in fairs and exhibitions

The funding supports participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, system missions, and promotional events, including virtual ones.

Who it is dedicated to

To all SMEs, in single or aggregate form, to MidCaps and Large Companies.

How does it work

Subsidized financing of exhibition area expenses, logistic expenses, promotional expenses, and consultancy expenses related to participation in trade fairs/exhibitions in foreign countries, including the system missions promoted by MISE and MAECI and organized by ICE – Agenzia, Confindustria, and others institutions and trade associations. Expenses incurred for participation in international fairs in Italy are also eligible.

The loan can cover up to 100% of the budgeted expenses, up to a maximum of 15% of the revenues of the last financial year.

The maximum amount that can be financed: € 150,000.

Duration of the loan: 4 years of which 12 months of pre-amortization.



  • Possibility to request an exemption from guarantees for the whole of 2020
  • Possibility of obtaining up to 40% of the non-repayable loan (within the limit of 100 thousand euros)
  • Reimbursement of the remaining portion at a subsidized rate equal to 10% of the EU reference rate
  • Better visibility of the brand with sector buyers
  • Promote your business in foreign markets


For all the details and conditions, we refer you to the website www.simest.it

12 - 20 March 2022 | 10.00 - 19.00
10 - 11 March 2022 |
8.00 - 19.00

Ticket Online / Full: €10

Fiere di Parma
Viale delle Esposizioni, 393A
43126 Parma, Italia