Past Collaterals

In her shoes: a walk through the history of shoes

Collateral exhibition in collaboration with the Villa Foscarini Rossi Shoes Museum (Hall 4)

A detour into the world of shoes: a walk through key examples of the history of creativity and fashion but also of Made in Italy, of how the skilled hands of our designers and craftsmen were able to make a significant difference globally in fashion, a sector in which Italy continues to be market leader.

Through the collaboration with the Shoes Museum and its staff, Mercanteinfiera will have on display a representative selection of shoes from a collection that makes both the company and the museum a national pride and an example of high-end collecting.
It will be an opportunity to understand how a fragment of the Veneto region and Italian know-how stand behind a number of pieces made famous by international brands such as Celine, Donna Karan, Kenzo and Pucci, just to name a few.

Today more than ever shoes attract attention not just as accessories but as key elements of fashion looks: going back to their origins, finding out how footwear originated and evolved, and looking at shoes that have made history, will be an opportunity for a journey not just through this sector but also through the evolution of tastes and customs.

Mercanteinfiera Fall 2019, hall 4.

Bonanni Del Rio Collection: the Italian choice

Collateral exhibition in collaboration with Mauro and Lucia Bonanni Del Rio (Hall 4)

Imagine that a couple decides to cultivate its passion for photography to the point of creating a private collection which they display in exhibitions at a cultural centre, a deconsecrated church in the heart of Parma now called BCD28, ideally suited to art and entertainment.
Imagine that the two collectors accept the invitation to participate in a collateral exhibition at Mercanteinfiera, helping to create a really unique and unprecedented opportunity in the city: the exhibition will be a real celebration of some of the most important and significant Italian authors who have made Italian fine-art photography famous around the world.
A synergy on the wings of collecting: a passion that becomes a profession, a personal adventure that opens up an opportunity not only for those making it happen it but also for those who witness it – all this is encapsulated in the exhibition that will take place at Fiere di Parma from 5 to 13 October 2019.
Luigi Ghirri, Olivo Barbieri, Massimo Vitali, Franco Fontana, just to name a few, will feature in this truly unique edition.
Mercanteinfiera Fall 2019, hall 4.