Dazzi: “Mercanteinfiera has been a taste of things to come, with Parma, Capital of Culture”

(Parma, 15 October 2019) – The Museo della Calzatura di Villa Foscarini Rossi exhi-bition “scaled the heights” of women’ high-heeled shoes: a symbol of elegance, but an unquestionable tool of empowerment as well. Our collaboration with Lucia Bonanni and Mauro del Rio from Parma’s BDC art gallery showcased great photographers and paparazzi. They immortalised the “Hollywood on Tiber” phenomenon, and provided the inspiration for Fellini’s statement “Via Veneto, mai frequentata” (“Via Veneto? Never been”, in interview with L’Europeo magazine, on 22 July 1962). Then we learned all about Big Ben, the most famous and accurate clock in the world (out by less than a second per week). The pendulum is regulated using penny coins (certainly not euro cents after Brexit).

Finally, our special VIP guests: Chiara Ferragni, Lapo Elkan, queen of the court-room Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, Ferragamo, Diamante Marzotto, Chiambretti and the ageless Orietta Berti, to name just a few.

The glorious timeline of this edition of Mercanteinfiera, which closed its doors on Sunday 13 October, after clocking a increase in footfall of 10%. The flow of visitors and buyers from all over the world was non-stop during the nine-day fair; exploring the 45,000 square metres of exhibition space at Fiere di Parma, they were seduced by pieces spanning a wide aesthetic spectrum, including antique, 20th-cen-tury, vintage collectors’ items and pop furniture and accessories.

However, the magic of this cornucopia is in the details: spanning art and culture, they captured the hearts of aficionados. Examples include the early-19th-century French hexagonal cavé de liqueur in pure gold; a Chinese painting from the late 1700s painted on paper applied to silk, and an English notebook inlaid with ivory from the 17th century, worth 180 thousand euro. Or the Valentino powder blue dress hand embroidered with gold thread, the iconic clutch bag (every Hollywood diva’s absolute essential), here in the form of Judith Leiber’s crystal watermelon slice, or the Violano Virtuoso mechanical music box from the early 20th century, a precursor of the juke-box and now a sought-after design object.

This edition has been a great success – confirms Ilaria Dazzi, Mercanteinfiera Brand Manager – thanks to our long-term vision, great ideas, but especially our strong team, who have worked together and focused on the end goal: to be an un-missable part of Parma, Capital of Culture 2020” .

With such a rich and eclectic offering, Mercanteinfiera continues to delight its in-creasingly sophisticated public, whose tastes may be constantly changing but who always find what they are looking for here.

Mercanteinfiera will return with its spring edition from 29 February-8 March 2020


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