The stars of the eighth edition of Mercanteinauto are the legendary 6-cylinder inline BMWs and a much sought after EMW 340 with red propeller. The first edition of “Parma’s 100 km Rally”, with rural itineraries and a visit to the Dallara Academy, gets underway. The excitement continues at the exhibition with the Ferrari pit-stop, an event organized by the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Monticelli Terme.

(Parma, 23 September) What hides behind the sparkling bodywork of a vintage car? Who has driven it and, above all, what is its story?

The latter is embodied in the red propeller of the EMW 340, the protagonist of the eighth edition of Mercanteinauto, the event for car enthusiasts featuring at Fiere di Parma during the opening weekend (5-6 October) of Mercanteinfiera, the international exhibition dedicated to antiques, modern antiques and vintage collectibles (5-13 October).

At the end of World War II, Germany had to cede control of Thuringia to the Soviet Union, and with it the city of Eisenach, historic headquarters of BMW car production. Awtowelo, the Soviet-controlled East German factory, used the BMW trademark illegally until 1952, when the Bavarian company forced the managers of the Eisenach plant to change it. From that time, their cars were branded as EMW (Eisenacher Motoren Werke). Their symbol was a red propeller.

One of the rare models with this trademark will be on display at the exhibition. The car comes from Claudio Baroni’s Old Cars Collection, as do the legendary 6-cylinder inline BMWs on display at the exhibition in Pav. 2. Eight cars made by the Bavarian company in the period before the Second World War (1936-1942): BMW 319 Cabriolet, BMW 315 Sedan, BMW 320 Cabriolet, BMW 326 Cabriolet, BMW 326 Sedan, BMW 335 Limousine, BMW 327 Sport Coupé, BMW 321.

All in all, there will be over 500 “stories” on display at Fiere di Parma: 500 models ranging from Lincoln cars, which was one of the most successful luxury brands in the USA of the 1920s and which tells the story of the rivalry between Henry Ford and Henry Leland, to the Fiat-Balilla, symbol of mass motorization. There will also be Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Bristol models, just to name a few.

Vintage cars and a road to be experienced, slowly. This is the combination offered by “Parma’s 100 km Rally”, the great new event of 2019, but destined to become a fixture of Mercanteinauto. The rally, organized in collaboration with Old Cars Collection and the Ruote a Raggi Club, is scheduled for Saturday, October 5. Departure: exhibition centre in Parma. Destination: Varano Melegari and the Dallara Academy.

On the way back, participants will be able to admire other characteristic local places such as Pellegrino Parmense and Salsomaggiore Terme. Participating teams will meet again on Sunday, October 6 at the exhibition centre to receive the Commemorative Gadget.

In Formula 1 the smallest fraction of a second can dramatically change the result of a race. During the pit stop, all the experience and know-how of the technicians take over: expert, fast hands capable of changing the tires in even less than two seconds.

The fleeting moment at the pit-stop and the thrill of the race track return to Mercanteinauto (pavilion 2) thanks to the event set up by the Scuderia Ferrari Club of Monticelli Terme. From 9am to 6pm during the two-day event, visitors will have the opportunity to experience all the excitement of “changing tires” and of a “real race” by testing the official Ferrari simulator. A thrill, certainly, but in total comfort.


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