At Fiere di Parma, the event that has become a tradition for all car enthusiasts will hold the first “Raduno dei 100 km di Parma”, a 100-km motor rally amidst bucolic routes and a visit to the Dallara Academy. 500 models of classic cars will be on display at the exhibition centre, including the legendary inline-six BMWs from Old Cars Collection.

(Parma, 31st May 2019) Racing cars, placidly moving their slinky lines on winding roads and charming routes, pushing their way through the beautiful sights that surround them. It looks like one of those old films that, even fifty years later, can still touch you and, maybe, make you dream.

Cars, and a road to be placidly enjoyed. This is precisely the combination celebrated by Mercanteinauto, the event for car enthusiasts that takes place at Fiere di Parma in the first weekend of Mercanteinfiera, the international fair of antiques, modern collectibles and vintage art (5-6 October 2019).

An event that goes beyond the boundaries of the considerable size of the exhibition (over 500 models) and, for its eighth anniversary, embraces the wandering soul of a region that must be explored to discover its charms and talents.

The biggest news at Mercanteinauto this year (but it’s bound to become a very pleasant tradition) is the “Raduno dei 100 Km di Parma”, a 100-km motor rally organised in partnership with Old Cars Collection and Ruote a Raggi club, due to take place on Saturday, 5th October, starting from the exhibition centre in Parma and heading for Varano Melegari, where the drivers will be welcomed to the Dallara Academy.

Just back from its nineteenth triumph at the legendary Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, the historical car brand will open the doors to its many-souled building – designed by Alfonso Femia and unveiled last Autumn.

Everything seems possible in this venue, which, besides hosting the Master’s Degree in Racing Car Design of the Muner-Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, organises educational workshops where young students can learn how a driving simulator and a wind tunnel work, or about the specifications of the materials used to make a chassis or even to what extent speed can affect a car’s behaviour on a curve.

An experiential journey to discover the distinctive features of Dallara Automobili, and, undoubtedly, the visitors’ highlight will be the exhibition area displaying all the cars that have made the company a success.

There is the Lamborghini Miura, a sports car designed in the mid-Sixties, and the Le Mans prototypes. The Formula-3 cars and, of course, the Dallara Stradale, the first racing car wearing no less than a number plate: a true gem that will also be on display at Fiere di Parma on the two days of the event.

After the tour of the Dallara Academy, on their way back the drivers will have a chance to enjoy the other sights that perfectly embody all the beauty of the area, such as Pellegrino Parmense and Salsomaggiore Terme.

Then, the teams will meet again at the fair on Sunday, 6th October, to receive their commemorative gifts.

Eight inline-six BMWs manufactured by the Bavarian factory before World War Two (1936-1942), that is, before the company started producing aircraft engines and war material, will steal the show at Mercanteinauto.

The models on show, which belong to the private Old Cars Collection, are: BMW 319 Convertible, BMW 315 Sedan, BMW 320 Convertible, BMW 326 Convertible, BMW 326 Sedan, BMW 335 Limousine, BMW 327 Sport Coupé, BMW 321. Cutting-edge cars, all of which added to the prestige of the Bavarian company by showcasing its excellent technical and engineering qualities.

BMWs, and more. Visitors will also have a chance to enjoy the sight of another 500 models of classic cars. Lincoln, Hupmobile, Dodge, Fiat-Balilla, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and Bristol, to mention just a few.

Handcrafted masterpieces that, with their flaws as well as with their first-hand experience, can still attract attention, reconnect people with their past, and generate ideas – why not? – for the future.

Registration for the “Raduno dei 100 km di Parma” is open until 16th September (download the form at ).


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